drawings and photos
photos i took, watercolor illustrations. click on each for a bigger picture.


watercolor illustrations  
tombstone watercolor
Tombstone, dead tree-thing and mushroom watercolor illustration.
Illustration / watercolor of a fairy circle (circle 'o mushrooms) aka witch's ring. My standard funerary and alchemic-style adornments are on the side, in this case upside down torches, sun, moon, and eye of horus (udjat eye).
04-02-09: ugh I need to make a major update to this page, bear with me
the well eldritch watercolor art
This is a watercolor and ink illustration I did to complement my song "the well" which is a lovecraft-inspired creepy deathrock or goth rock type recording.  
Many of these illustrations have been heavily influenced by the works of Ivan Bilibin...without him I most likely would not have even started practicing this art form, so I must state my gratitude to him and his incredible works.    




photos i took    
Bat and stuff
creepy punkin carving setup
my new bat friend and stuff on a hokey stack of boxes in my room. h.p. lovecraft dwells above.
my creepy pumpkin carving setup on halloween.
Ouroboros and stuff
my living room with stained glass and the new bird that chills on the top of the Ouroboros stained glass.


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