This was insipred by the old alchemy woodcut below. It is a serpent swallowing its tail - an ouroboros - around a 6-pointed star...the Seal of Solomon.

The ouroboros serpent is regenerating by feeding off itself - thus symbolizing transformation and alchemy itself. The star is the symbol for fire and water (triangle pointing up and down, respectively). It symbolizes the union of the four elements cuz as the water and fire meet, earth and air are created. Neat, huh? There is also this stone carving i did based on the same thing. Alchemy is cool!


stained glass ouroboros
The Seal of Solomon in stained glass

The original image I based this on


The old frame was my grandpa's and i saved it for years waiting to put it to good use. What better use than some cool alchemical symbol that now glows solomon-y in my room? This photo is a bit old, I have since added some symbols, i.e. the ones from the original diagram, in gold leaf. So now the seal glows from the front and when light shines through it.


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