dark times
Dark Times by Airn Lebus (1999)
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I wrote and recorded this song when I was playing a lot of the Thief game series, probably it was the original Thief: The Dark Project since this was recorded around 1999. It was one of the first songs I recorded and I had just started getting into singing and playing music. I wanted to capture the feel of walking through dark medieval-looking streets at night, creeping around like in the game :)


dark-age rimes for dark-grey times
rusted steel and grinding gear wheels
I see chimneys caked in soot
dirty snow crunches underfoot
sky is filled with carbon clouds
raining darkness on the crowds
machines unseen they hiss and hum
frigid night leaves my fingers numb


"Dark Times" is (c) 1999 airn lebus
credits: lyrics, vocals, guitar, synth, production etc by airn lebus
equipment used: cheep 4 track, some old 80's synth, a cheep guitar, a cheaper mic, alesis thing for drums

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