undead nation song title
Undead Nation by Airn Lebus (2007)


crawling through the slime
floating on the breeze
seeing all we see
we're an undead nation
bleached and rotten
remembered, forgotten
tearing at your face
we're an undead nation
[moaning and screaming]

bleached and rotten
remembered, forgotten
[whoa oh etc]

zombies and ghouls
skeleton legions
lurking in the dark
we're an undead nation
flailing like freaks
flying through the void
speaking in tongues
we're an undead nation
[moaning etc]

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"Undead Nation" is (c) 2007 airn lebus

credits: lyrics, vocals, guitar, bass, production etc by airn lebus

myspace music account: myspace.com/spectramori

equipment used: cubase sx, jackson guitar, a cheap bass, guitarport, shure mic, groove agent for drums

this site and all contents unless otherwise specified (c) 2006 Airn LeBus